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This never-been-told tale will send a chill down your spine.
It is shocking, hard to believe but not a word less than the truth.
If you think you know all there is about secrecy, big business and a multi-billion-dollar corporation and their activities, think again. What you are about to read is true but is known to only a handful of people in the whole world.
And now, one more person knows this secret–YOU.


Along with millions of other Americans, you’re probably asking yourself a very simple question right now…

How in GOD’s name did we allow ourselves to be so completely controlled by the political elite? Let’s break down what has happened to our nation, just so everyone’s clear:

  1. Our way of life has been destroyed. The American values and rights this nation was built on have been stripped away in the name of “safety” and “protection.” This is exactly what the founding fathers warned us about.
  2. Tens of millions of Americans are now unemployed. We must now rely on the government for handouts – all for a virus that is statistically less dangerous than the common flu.
  3. We have been placed in lockdown. Never in a million years did we dream that martial law could be enacted with such ease. Suddenly, we’re all under house arrest, and those that venture out are arrested or fined.
  4. Our supply lines have been irrevocably damaged. Dairy producers are pouring milk down the drain, wasting months of hard work. Farmers are throwing freshly picked produce into the trash. At the same time, grocery shelves are empty while citizens line up to receive canned meals from food banks.

Something doesn’t add up here. Unless you’re completely blind, you already know that there’s something very wrong with the current situation.

What does it all mean? With 30 million Americans unemployed, we’re facing the worst economic crisis of our lifetime. Rest assured, the full reality of the situation has yet to “sink in.”

This is the beginning of something that the political elite have wanted for decades – complete control over the population. They want you to be dependent on them. These opportunistic, power-hungry career politicians have sold you out.

They are taking full advantage of this situation and tightening their grip on this nation like never before. As you read this, various forces within the deep state are trying to push new legislation through during this time of confusion.

Their aim is simple: transform this nation into a shadow of its former self by changing the way we vote. This will completely restructure our nation into something many of us have feared for decades.

When the smoke clears, what kind of nation do YOU want to live in? If you let these scheming career politicians carry out their intended plans, you could be living in a nation that barely resembles the America you love within a few short years.

If we don’t act soon, the United States of America will be so debt-ridden and infiltrated that not only will it resemble China politically, but it will also become a vassal state to our chief economic rival. Our economic wounds will make it even easier for foreign powers to buy off our already corrupt politicians.

The only question that remains is what can you do about it?

You can start by signing this petition: Remind the political elite who really runs this country: YOU

Remember, the government is supposed to work for you – the American people. These government hacks are technically YOUR employees. Their paychecks are funded by YOUR tax dollars. Unless people like you decide to take political action right now, it might be too late to fix the damage already done to our nation.

More coming soon…

This book is published under the First Amendment 

The right to speak and the right to publish under the First Amendment has been interpreted widely to protect individuals and society from government attempts to suppress ideas and information, and to forbid government censorship of books



We sent out a poll asking one simple question:
“Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?”

The results were resoundingly clear. Barely 20% of responders felt that Congress is handling this crisis in the correct manner. That means that a resounding majority of 80% do NOT believe Congress is doing its job. Remember, we live in a democratic society. If so many people show such little faith in Congress, then why are these people still employed? If these professional politicians were running a corporation instead of a country, they would all be fired for running the company into the ground. The problem is simple: these inept politicians cannot be fired.

Unlike many hardworking Americans, the people running Congress have a guaranteed income. No matter how many small businesses go bankrupt, they can still cash their paychecks each month. And you know what? YOU, the American people, are paying their wages.

So let’s get this straight: These politicians have guaranteed income, a stable job, and positions of power. And yet they’re telling YOU that the economy must shut down, hurting millions of Americans who do not have the luxury of a guaranteed income? What happens when this recession hits in full force? What happens when America enters a period of economic uncertainty that makes the Great Depression look like a cakewalk? These blundering, self-sabotaging politicians will still hold positions of power. They’ll still have their jobs. They’ll still enjoy their $200,000 pensions, healthcare benefits, and other “perks” of being part of our ruling class. Most importantly, they’ll still get PAID.

You on the other hand… Well, we’re already seeing what’s happening to decent Americans nationwide. So does it really make sense for us to listen to the ramblings of people who have absolutely no “skin in the game?” Does it make sense for us to take orders from an elite political class who will continue living lives of luxury no matter what happens to our nation? Of course it doesn’t make any sense. It’s time to stop listening to these politicians and the lies that they’re spreading. It’s time to base our actions on established facts – not political rhetoric.

How many times have our “models” of coronavirus infection rates been proven false? How long are we going to wait until the truth comes out? How long until we accept that this virus is NOT the threat that we thought it was? Consider Sweden – a nation that NEVER shut down its economy and its small businesses. Did anything happen to Sweden? Of course nothing happened! The Swedes wore masks, used their common sense, and got on with their lives. A simple solution for a simple problem with a very low risk of fatality.

So what on Earth are we even doing? When will this charade come to an end? Are we going to wait until these corrupt politicians take away even more of our rights? How much control will you let Congress take from you during this pandemic?

Take action today, put your foot down, and send these political hacks a message:

Enough is enough.

Sign our petition now:

More coming soon…

This book is published under the First Amendment 

The right to speak and the right to publish under the First Amendment has been interpreted widely to protect individuals and society from government attempts to suppress ideas and information, and to forbid government censorship of books



The crime that is committed in Washington DC can be read in volumes and volumes over time, 100’s if not 1000’s of books have been written by as many authors, you all know this so I won’t bore you with all the details. However maybe a few things you may not know, like no matter what awful decision these idiots make, they can never be held responsible for their stupidity, even if they profited from the decision. Oh yeah when the profitable decisions they make for themselves get out of hand, well they resign RICH… and live free… and then make more money with speeches… or even write a book.

If you or I even made one bad decision, well, the BOOK would be thrown at us…

So why is there so much corruption and crime in Washington? Allow me to quote Willy Sutton, a famous bank robber of old, when he was asked why do you rob banks?

“That is where the money is stupid”

Everyone in Washington is there for one reason, all the lobbyists, all the politicians, major law firms, every country has some sort of ambassador, the list goes on and on, and all of them are Willy Suttons in one fashion or another. All of them know that Washington is where the money is and it is pretty easy to steal.

On May 30th, 2020, we put them on notice: Sign here: WWW.May30th.Org…More later…

More coming soon…

This book is published under the First Amendment 

The right to speak and the right to publish under the First Amendment has been interpreted widely to protect individuals and society from government attempts to suppress ideas and information, and to forbid government censorship of books



We’re approaching what may be the end of our nation, so it seems fitting to go back to the beginning.

September 9th, 1776. The birth of the United States of America and the commencement of a long struggle against foreign powers that tried to crush us. It began with a war against Great Britain – a war we won. We didn’t win because we had better equipment, better training, or because of our wealth. We beat Britain because we were tough and because we believed in what we were fighting for: A small piece of paper that laid out our rights, our independence, and our freedoms. Since then, we have successfully defended our nation and our constitution against many threats. We continue to defend our nation today.

A lot has changed since 1776. We’re not the tough farmers and hunters that we once were. We have a much higher standard of living, we live longer, and our ragtag military of 1776 has evolved into the strongest superpower on the planet. And yet, in spite of all these advantages, our nation has never been more endangered. Indeed, we face this dire threat today because we’ve grown secure, fat, and even lazy. While we were preoccupied with microwave ovens and cheap consumer goods shipped over from China, our government also grew fatter.

Today, the belly of our government is so inflated that it threatens to consume us all – along with all the freedoms we fought so hard to win back in 1776. How did we let this happen? It’s simple, ladies and gentlemen: Fear.

The government is no stranger to using fear as a weapon, but this trumped-up pandemic provides them with a fear tactic more powerful than anything they’ve tried before. Let’s examine the six basic fears the government can use to control you:

  1. Fear of Poverty
  2. Fear of Criticism
  3. Fear of Ill Health
  4. Fear of Loss of Love
  5. Fear of Old Age
  6. Fear of Death

For centuries, Americans have been completely unfazed by these scare tactics. Citizens in 1776 may have been aware of poverty, but did they ever fear it? Probably not to the extent that we do today. Did they fear criticism? Of course not, they simply spoke their mind and stood by their word. Do you think they feared losing love when there were dozens of other more important things to worry about? In a world where living to the ripe old age of 40 was rare, do you think that any of them worried about death, old age, or ill-health? Fear was not an effective means of control for Americans of the past because we were too tough. We simply got on with it.

Today, fear is a much more potent weapon. Simply put, we have too much to lose. We’ve grown too accustomed to our high standard of living and our long, stable lives. Many of us are willing to trade our freedom for the guarantee that we’ll get to keep living this same cushy lifestyle. We must not go down this path. We must be strong, courageous, and proud – just as our forefathers were. We MUST stand up to our government. We must NOT allow fear to rule our lives.

If our politicians have proved anything over the last few decades, it’s that they cannot be trusted. Our nation is in trillions of dollars’ worth of debt, we are engaged in pointless wars halfway around the world for resources that only benefit the corporate elite, and we’ve outsourced our once mighty manufacturing capabilities to China.

It’s time to send a clear message to this government that we’re DONE taking orders from them. Whether this pandemic truly represents “The End As We Know It” is completely up to you. Control of the government is (and always was) entirely in your hands. You are the American people. You run this nation. These greedy bureaucrats simply claim to represent your best interests and collect a fat paycheck while they’re at it. Show these politicians that YOU know what’s best for YOUR life. Let them know that you’re done taking orders.

Rally Points:

  • No One Should Be Forced To Wear A Mask To Go Outside
  • Disregard the Ridiculous “6-Feet Rule” And Hug Your Loved Ones Again
  • Stop Watching The Fake News
  • Bring Our Military Home and End America’s “World Police” Policy
  • Support Small, Local Businesses and Stop Buying From Corrupt Corporations
  • Proudly Fly Your American Flag

Sign the petition here:



It is going to be difficult for you, as it was for me, when I started researching this, to grasp the ridiculousness you will be reading from this point forward, hard to believe. Keep in mind we are talking about one small single tribe, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, last count approx. 4000 natives. Also note, that each of these natives is multi-millionaires that do not work, never worked and will never work based on my research. But why work? As soon as a native is born, she or he automatically becomes a millionaire, thanks to the gambling empire called Seminole Gaming, valued in excess of $50 billion dollars and growing. So you ask yourself where does Government waste comes into play???? Well let’s sum it up and call a spade a spade as the old saying goes, one word describes it: GREED!!!

Let me start out by saying Americans are the most generous and kind people in the world, they give and give to good causes, they give even more to downtrodden people who need help, especially the native American Indian. For any tribe to get help from our government they first have to be recognized, the Seminole Tribe was recognized way back in 1957. Why get recognized? One reason, the PIPELINE of MONEY started rolling in from the Feds… taxpayer money. Yeah, great intentions that is all that is required for these laws to be passed and the bureaucrats take over and start dolling out millions, what the hell it is not their money… IT IS YOUR MONEY!!!! Sorry for getting away from myself…

So I wanted to find out just how much money went to this tribe of at the time 800 natives, just how much money was given to them. Three agencies seem to be in charge of money allocated to the Natives and all fall under the Department of Interior.

  1. BIA-Bureau of Indian Affairs
  2. BIE: Bureau of Indian Education
  3. IHS- Indian Health Services

I filed FOIA (Freedom of Information) for all departments, well, do not believe this crap about FOIA, once again lawmakers feeling good about themselves and bureaucrats that will foil you all the way as it was in my case. But I continued, persevered and it really got interesting, for example, did you know out of the 1000’s of Federal agencies, all ill run as everyone knows, but what agency comes in dead last? You guessed it, the BIA, wow they must be proud. This agency doles out, YOUR TAX MONEY, $20 billion dollars a year to Indians such as the Seminoles of Florida millionaires. Oh yeah, this is going to really get you mad, all housing is paid for, all health is paid for and all education is paid for, wait it does not stop, the Seminoles have their own airport, yes I said airport, first-class airport, all paid for by the Taxpayer. Last count, 30 employees paid by you, none of the Indian descent, maintenance of 25 aircraft, including six helicopters and two Grumman V jets. Those two babies cost in excess of $20 million dollars. So you ask yourself why do they have an airport and all those planes when only one Indian has a pilot’s license? Yeah, just one, Chief Billy. It seems the executives of the Hard Rock Seminole Gaming company use them, they especially love to use them when flying to the St, Thomas Virgin Islands where they have over 100 companies registered, the main one: Seminole HR Holdings LLC. More on this under FRAUD

So let me continue… let’s discuss the BIE for a second, the educational funding of the Seminoles, they have one school, recently built at a cost to you the TAXPAYER, over $15 million dollars. Your kids that go to public school, the cost is approx. $7000 per year per student, the cost for one Indian to go to school, over $50,000 dollars. Are you sitting down, the attendance of this school is less than one percent 1% and fully staffed by non-Indian school teachers and administrators, paid for by you, and paid much more than the average public school teacher. How many kids graduated last year? SIX…. and guess what? Those students that graduated get free, yes I said FREE, to choose any universities they want, it is 100% free…

Let me sum this up, between the housing, all medical, all educational and airports and another 100 programs, the Tribe receives over $40 million a year… and these people are all multi-millionaires…. Do you think this is right? Of course not, so please sign the Petition NO COMPACT… at least we can finally do something about this…

Whoops, forgot one thing, recall I said only six graduated, a special trust fund was set up for the children to motivate them to graduate high school, each kid got $200,000 dollars for graduating, wow what a motivator, yet only six kids took advantage of that…

Now sign the NO COMPACT petition

Thank you